Your Amazon FBA business with our 3PL Warehousing Service in the U.S.

Our 3PL warehousing service in the U.S. optimizes online operations with strategic warehousing, efficient inventory management and order fulfillment for Amazon sellers and eCommerce store owners.

Our Services

E-commerce Warehouse

Trust BNZ to build a comprehensive logistics operation for your e-commerce business in the U.S. Expand your sales globally with same-day shipping and multi-channel sales strategies!

With thousands of satisfied buyers over the past 20 years and a team of 70 specialists at your disposal, BNZ is your best choice.

FBA Prep Service

FBA: Pick-up, preparation, fast delivery.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Inventory efficiency, strategic location.

Express Shipping

Integration, efficiency, 0-3-7 days delivery.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Preparation, packaging and traceable domestic shipment.

Our Services

Logistics Solutions

Our wide range of services is designed to reduce costs and increase time efficiency so that your operations can run smoothly. We seek to build a solution specific to your business.


FBA Prep & Forwarding


Ecommerce Fulfillment


Crowdfunding Fulfillment


Express Shipping


Amazon Distribution Center


US Customs Clearance

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Nuestros servicios están diseñados para reducir costos y aumentar la eficiencia del tiempo para que sus operaciones puedan realizarse sin problemas.

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Are you ready to take your logistics operation to the next level and expand into the United States?

At BNZ, we are ready to be your strategic partner, providing you with the expertise and infrastructure necessary to grow your business.

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